Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance in Kamloops

Climate change is causing heavier fluctuations in water levels and rainfall can at times become excessive, flooding over roadways and causing damage. If your private drive or roadway is damaged by flooding or other erosion, we can repair the damage and fortify the area to alleviate future problems. Paved roads need repair and maintenance due to cracks caused by frost heaves, vehicle use and inclement weather. As road repair contractors, let us estimate and help you plan some end-goals to fix your road, driveway or parking areas.

Pavement Marking

Our road painting/pavement-marking projects start in early spring after the snow melts and when highways, side roads and parking lots can be swept clean of salt and debris. Re-painting may be yearly, depending on the location and where traffic volumes are heavy. Other factors that wear paint off asphalt, are snow ploughs grinding the surface and scraping line markings. Sand, salt and weather extremes also play their part in eroding driving lines. In addition to re-painting lines, we also paint markings on newly paved asphalt to help guide traffic in a safe directional pattern or to better organize parking. Line reflectivity is vital for road safety in areas where wet conditions and low visibility is hazardous for night driving. Keeping you safe on the roads is our priority!

When cleared by the municipality, city streets are plowed as the first priority, starting with arterial roads, then bus routes. Once these main streets are cleared, residential side streets are plowed. If you need to re-prioritize this process, please call us to hire our snow plough and snow removal services. Legally, it is the property owner’s responsibility to clear snow from sidewalks and parking areas. This can be an overwhelming problem for commercial and industrial property owners after a heavy snowfall. We have heavy duty snow removal equipment and can take care of this issue for you. Call us, and we will set up a schedule for snow removal that works for you. We also offer snow removal services for residential customers with long driveways or areas where snow can build up and limit parking or storage space.

Did you know? If you are a senior, or have mobility issues, we have neighbourhood volunteers – The Snow Angels – that will come and help you with snow shoveling. Kudos to our volunteers who will clear the snow from your driveway, stairs, sidewalk and pathways.

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