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Power Sweeping

KarCon Roadworks, in Kamloops BC, is ready to work for you with a full fleet of power sweepers and well-trained support staff. Our equipment can handle both large and small jobs, from industrial-sized parking lots to paved driveways.

Contact us to set up a schedule so we can work at the most convenient time for you. We have no problem working after hours, when your parking lot is clear of parked vehicles. Power sweepers use water spray to reduce dust and clean the asphalt to a deeper level, helping to keep the surrounding area clean from fallout.

Kar Con Roadworks Corp. | Power Sweeper |Kamloops, British Columbia
Kar Con Roadworks Corp. | Power Sweeper |Kamloops, British Columbia

Our busiest season for road cleaning is early spring, so make sure to call us and book ahead so we can secure your service. We remove contaminated debris before seasonal rainstorms wash these caustic agents into the soil and cause damage to plants, shrubs and trees. Salt and petroleum products can also damage the surface and protective coating on asphalt and concrete.

To prepare for power sweeping, landlords and strata councils can notify tenants ahead of time or provide alternate parking options. Our industrial sweeping services are available at night as an option for cleaning arena lots or other public areas with heavy traffic. Whatever the size of your parking lot or roadway, we can design an action plan that works for you. As our busy tourist season arrives, we want to clean and maintain our roads. Kamloops is the provincial tournament capital, and we are proud to share in cleaning the streets and parking lots of our gorgeous city.

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